A B O U T   C O V E N

American Horror Story : Coven is the third season of the series and the first to feature Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. It also starred Miss Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode, The Supreme.

Fiona Goode is the supreme of her coven. How she came by this title is shrouded in scandal and is often questioned by the council as well as members of the coven. Still, she strives on and returns to the coven to help her daughter Cordelia with a new batch of witches.

Fiona soon starts plotting to do away with any other Supreme candidates. She attempts many of the things she had done as a young witch to eliminate the Supreme during that time. She is dying, and believes holding onto her role as Supreme will save her.

Other dramas abound among the young witches in the coven. As they fight with one another, they are also fighting for survival, as their Supreme is manipulating and plotting their demise. In addition to this, there is boy troubles... But not the typical kind.

As a council of witches work to expose Fiona, she works twice as hard to succeed, only to lose out to someone she didn't expect at all...

The Cast

Jessica Lange ... Fiona Goode
Sarah Paulson ... Cordelia Foxx
Taissa Farmiga ... Zoe Benson
Frances Conroy ... Myrtle Snow
Evan Peters ... Kyle Spencer
Lily Rabe ... Misty Day
Emma Roberts ... Madison Montgomery
Denis O'Hare ... Spalding
Kathy Bates ... Madame Delphine LaLaurie
Angela Bassett ... Marie Laveau
Gabourey Sidibe ... Queenie
Jamie Brewer ... Nan