A B O U T   R O A N O K E

American Horror Story : My Roanoke Nightmare is the sixth season of the series. This was a different take on the horror theme, where we see a reality series being filmed. So we are not only introduced to a horror story "based on true events", but the actors portraying the real people.

Shelby and Matt purchase a lovely country home, however it soon becomes apparent that something more sinister is at play. They soon learn of the dark history of their home and the surrounding land.

In addition to their own relationship and terror, Matt's sister Lee brings her own drama to the table. Having been relieved from her duties as a police officer due to her alcohol addiction, she is in a battle for her daughter. And she unknowingly brings her child into the middle of the horror show.

As these actors portray their story, the "real people" narrate in true reality show fashion. We are also introduced to dark legends and dark people, as well as the cast and crew of the show itself. However, some of the non believers are in for a surprise when the nightmare comes true...

The Cast

Sarah Paulson ... Audrey Tindall and Lana Winters
portraying: Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare

Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Dominic Banks
portraying: Matt Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare

Kathy Bates ... Agnes Mary Winstead
portraying: Thomasin White / The Butcher in My Roanoke Nightmare

Angela Bassett ... Monet Tumusiime
portraying: Lee Harris in My Roanoke Nightmare

Lily Rabe ... Shelby Miller

André Holland ... Matt Miller

Adina Porter ... Lee Haris

Denis O'Hare ... William van Henderson
portraying: Dr. Elias Cunningham in My Roanoke Nightmare

Wes Bentley ... Dylan
portraying: Ambrose White in My Roanoke Nightmare

Evan Peters ... Rory Monahan
portraying: Edward Philippe Mott in My Roanoke Nightmare

Cheyenne Jackson ... Sidney Aaron James

Lady Gaga ... Scáthach

Frances Conroy ... Mama Polk

Finn Wittrock ... Jether Polk