A B O U T   L I Z

Liz Taylor (aka Nick Pryor) is a character from the fifth season of the television series American Horror Story (Hotel), and is portrayed by Denis O'Hare. She is a bartender in the Blue Parrot Lounge at the Hotel Cortez.

She knows many of the hotel's secrets and the horrific events that have happened there. She is often unnoticed as people talk senselessly around her and she learns even more secrets in this fashion.

She is trangender, having abandoned her life as a married man with a son in Kansas. She is "caught" dressed as a woman in the Hotel Cortez by her coworkers on a business trip. But they are swiftly dealt with by a new found friend and supporter...

Liz is amazing, confident in many areas, but still insecure in some. With help from her friends she leaves this life as she should, without regrets and as herself.