A B O U T   H O T E L

American Horror Story : Hotel is the fifth season of the series and the first not to star Miss Jessica Lange. This was panic inducing to fans, myself included, but her replacement turned out to be pretty amazing and didn't disappoint me.

Lady Gaga is the Countess, owner of Hotel Cortez, she also has a secret... Her mate is Donovan, but when she sees a new model, she moves on from him....

Living in the hotel are other occupants who haunt the grounds, having fun with guests and causing disappearances. As the season progresses, we learn more about each character's history and what brough them to the hotel. We also learn people are dark and not always as they appear.

A police detective is drawn into the hotel after moving out of his home. John Lowe's son was abducted several years ago, and he and his wife have not quite gotten over it. Even though they have a daughter as well.

This starts a revealing chain of events that interweaves all of the characters and their motives. Like other seasons of the series, this one is full of horrors and triumphs. And will always keep you guessing.

The Cast

Kathy Bates ... Iris
Sarah Paulson ... Hypodermic Sally
Evan Peters ... Mr. James March
Wes Bentley ... John Lowe
Matt Bomer ... Donovan
ChloŽ Sevigny ... Alex Lowe
Denis O'Hare ... Liz Taylor
Cheyenne Jackson ... Will Drake
Angela Bassett ... Ramona Royale
Lady Gaga ... The Countess
Mare Winningham ... Miss Hazel Evers
Finn Wittrock ... Tristan Duffy/Rudolph Valentino