A B O U T   F R E A K S H O W

American Horror Story : Freak Show is the fourth season of the series and the last (as of today) to star Miss Jessica Lange. This was a poignant season, with a meaningful lesson at its core.

Elsa Mars (Lange) is the owner of a freak show. In it she features many "freaks" who cannot find peace elsewhere. In her mind, she rescues them from the world and gives them a safe place to be themselves.

But Elsa is also greedy, and wants to make a profit and make it big. When the opportunity for her to leave the freak show life presents itself, she will stop at nothing to fulfill her dream. Eventually her beloved freaks begin to disappear...

There are several dramas going on among the characters; love, hate, jealousy, fear, and truths revealed. There is a serial killer dressed as a clown and another psychotic who comes into being. And just to make it more interesting, there are a pair of con artists looking to profit on putting different freaks on display.

The Cast

Jessica Lange ... Elsa Mars
Sarah Paulson ... Bette Tattler / Dot Tattler
Evan Peters ... Jimmy Darling
Michael Chiklis ... Dell Toledo
Frances Conroy ... Gloria Mott
Denis O'Hare ... Stanley
Emma Roberts ... Maggie Esmerelda
Finn Wittrock ... Dandy Mott
Angela Bassett ... Desiree Dupree
Kathy Bates ... Ethel Darling
John Carroll Lynch ... Twisty the Clown
Grace Gummer ... Penny
Skyler Samuels ... Bonnie Lipton
Naomi Grossman ... Pepper
Jyoti Amge ... Ma Petite
Mat Fraser ... Paul the Illustrated Seal
Erika Ervin ... Amazon Eva