A B O U T   C U L T

American Horror Story : Cult is the seventh season of the series. This season centered around the recent 2016 Presidential election. The opening episode focused on the heated outcome and divides occurring within households and neighborhoods.

A seemingly ordinary man takes this situation and turns it into an opportunity to make himself great and to make himself seen. He soon is able to obtain a following of loyal people looking to be less fearful and alone.

Throughout the course of the season, we see parallels between the "fiction" in the series and our current society. This season was a little more "real" but also drew on over the top plans and conspiracies within friend and family groups. It played on our fear of cults and what they can be within a society.

In the end, it takes a strong "nasty" woman to bring down the cult leader and to bring about hope to the community after the wave of violence and insanity.

The Cast

Sarah Paulson ... Ally Mayfair-Richards
Evan Peters ... Kai Anderson
Cheyenne Jackson ... Dr. Rudy Vincent
Billie Lourd ... Winter Anderson
Alison Pill ... Ivy Mayfair-Richards
Cooper Dodson ... Oz Mayfair-Richards
Adina Porter ... Beverly Hope
Billy Eichner ... Harrison Wilton
Leslie Grossman ... Meadow Wilton
Colton Haynes ... Detective Jack Samuels
Chaz Bono ... Gary Longstreet