A B O U T   M U R D E R   H O U S E

American Horror Story : Murder House is the first season of this awesome horror anthology series, and introduces us to the dark side of nightmares and the tormented souls of the dead.

A small family, suffering from loss and betrayal, believe a new start across the country is just what they need to recover and repair the damage in their lives.... It doesn't go as planned.

The Harmon family purchase a new home, listed way below other homes in the area, due to deaths having occurred in the home. Only, they just don't know how many until Vivien, the wife and mother of the family, takes a tour...

In this series, we learn the stories of those who have died in this house, gruesome and sad. Their spirits linger and seek pleasure in inflicting pain, well, most of them do. Some are only looking to help...

In the end, the Harmons are trapped, but bring hope as they make changes and chase away perspective buyers...

The Cast

Jessica Lange ... Constance Langdon
Connie Britton ... Vivien Harmon
Dylan McDermott ... Ben Harmon
Taissa Farmiga ... Violet Harmon
Evan Peters ... Tate Langdon
Frances Conroy ... Moira (old)
Alexandra Breckenridge ... Moira (young)
Jamie Brewer ... Adelaide 'Addy' Langdon
Denis O'Hare ... Larry Harvey
Kate Mara ... Hayden McClaine
Christine Estabrook ... Marcy
Sarah Paulson ... Billie Dean Howard
Lily Rabe ... Nora Montgomery
Matt Ross ... Charles Montgomery
Zachary Quinto ... Chad Warwick
Teddy Sears ... Patrick