A B O U T   1 9 8 4

American Horror Story : 1984 is the ninth season of the series. This season focuses on serial killers and horror scenarios at summer camp. A group of young adults are set to head out to Camp Redwood to be counselors... however, they are unaware of the camp's dark history or the owner's motives.

One of the young adults seeks to escape her past as well as a new threat. Brooke was set to marry but her fiance became jealous and believed she was cheating on him, so he shot himself at their wedding.

The other counselors have their own trials they wish to escape, and Camp Redwood seems to offer that easily... But soon the camp becomes the target of not one, but four serial killers.

As the counselors fight for their lives, pieces of their past weave together to reveal the true killers and we all root for the final girl...

And did I mention all of those that die at Camp Redwood remain forever...?

The Cast

Emma Roberts ... Brooke Thompson
Billie Lourd ... Montana Duke
Leslie Grossman ... Margaret Booth
Cody Fern ... Xavier Plympton
Matthew Morrison ... Trevor Kirchner
Gus Kenworthy ... Chet Clancy
John Carroll Lynch ... Mr. Jingles / Benjamin Richter
Angelica Ross ... Nurse Rita / Donna Chambers
Zach Villa ... Richard Ramirez
DeRon Horton ... Ray Powell
Orla Brady ... Dr. Karen Hopple
Lou Taylor Pucci ... Jonas Shevoore
Tara Karsian ... Chef Bertie
Leslie Jordan ... Courtney
Emma Meisel ... Midge
Kat Solko ... Helen
Conor Donnally ... Eddie
Lily Rabe ... Lavinia Richter
Dylan McDermott ... Bruce
Filip Alexander ... Bobby Richter
Mitch Pileggi ... Art
Don Swayze ... Roy
Finn Wittrock ... Bobby Richter